Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Won't Do That

I believe that instead of run-of-the mill, regular new year's resolutions, everyone should ponder on their own "I Won't Do That" lists, and have a good time being true to who you already are. Enjoy not doing whatever you have the luxury of not doing, all while practicing self-accountability by sticking to it all year long. Makes for a nice twist.
These are a few won't dos that I've been pondering for the last nine days. I won't:
1. Go hungry just to prove a point. Because food is delicious and life too short not to enjoy it.  I'm not suggesting to anyone to just overeat for the hell of it, but anything that even whiffs of self-deprivation is a no-go. I admire all of the folks with the discipline and desire to eat less for certain desired results, but whenever I find that portion control is not working for me, I'm eating whatever I want.
2. Be cold. Because fuck being cold on purpose. Too many folks are out there as it is, cold (and hungry) because they can't help it, and anybody who is doing a freeze out, in your own house or car or other space, talking about saving money, fuck your so-called budget. And if you're too cheap to turn up the heat when you have guests, fuck you, too. I've been a guest at folks' houses and been cold while they knew it. That's some heartbreaking mess. I refuse to be cold in my own house.
3. Miss new release movies waiting on someone to go with. I'm tired of waiting for stuff to come to DVD. I'm about that big screen life.
4. Stop using petroleum-based products because they are generally frowned upon in the natural hair and skin care community. Sorry, not sorry, all of you hard core, better informed and more deeply committed than I all-natural folks. My lips like Vaseline. And so do my knees, elbows, and the heels of my feet. And my edges don't seem to mind a little Blue Magic, once in a while, either.
I'm sure there will be more. It's still plenty early in the year.