Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Won't Do That

I believe that instead of run-of-the mill, regular new year's resolutions, everyone should ponder on their own "I Won't Do That" lists, and have a good time being true to who you already are. Enjoy not doing whatever you have the luxury of not doing, all while practicing self-accountability by sticking to it all year long. Makes for a nice twist.
These are a few won't dos that I've been pondering for the last nine days. I won't:
1. Go hungry just to prove a point. Because food is delicious and life too short not to enjoy it.  I'm not suggesting to anyone to just overeat for the hell of it, but anything that even whiffs of self-deprivation is a no-go. I admire all of the folks with the discipline and desire to eat less for certain desired results, but whenever I find that portion control is not working for me, I'm eating whatever I want.
2. Be cold. Because fuck being cold on purpose. Too many folks are out there as it is, cold (and hungry) because they can't help it, and anybody who is doing a freeze out, in your own house or car or other space, talking about saving money, fuck your so-called budget. And if you're too cheap to turn up the heat when you have guests, fuck you, too. I've been a guest at folks' houses and been cold while they knew it. That's some heartbreaking mess. I refuse to be cold in my own house.
3. Miss new release movies waiting on someone to go with. I'm tired of waiting for stuff to come to DVD. I'm about that big screen life.
4. Stop using petroleum-based products because they are generally frowned upon in the natural hair and skin care community. Sorry, not sorry, all of you hard core, better informed and more deeply committed than I all-natural folks. My lips like Vaseline. And so do my knees, elbows, and the heels of my feet. And my edges don't seem to mind a little Blue Magic, once in a while, either.
I'm sure there will be more. It's still plenty early in the year.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

To the Man I Marry...

Considering that my previous post was about my fear of swelling up like a beach ball, whether through poor eating habits, a lethargic exercise regimen, or some tragic metabolic failure, I know this is going to sound like some straight bullshit, but I think I'm in love...with spaghetti w/fried fish on the side.  Go ahead. Judge me.
I'd first heard about this ridiculous combination of "main dishes" when I was a freshman in college, and met my neighbors from Memphis.  Well, I hadn't given it much thought until today, when I stumbled on a thread on Facebook about spaghetti.  Then someone mentioned fried fish on the side, and bam!  My dinner menu was planned.
I even went out and bought a fancy new electric deep fryer.  And let me tell you, deep fryers have come a long way since my grandma's Fry Daddy days.  No splattering.  No burnt oil.  No burnt food.  Lovely.
Well, long story short:  Yum and yum.  Not orgasmic *yum yum* but something to the effect of pleasantly pleasing *yum yum.*
Which brings me to a semi-unrelated-related note.  Although I haven't a clue who or where he is, I had such an enjoyable meal this evening, that I feel fairly certain that my future husband will be the man who makes me a meal of spaghetti and fried fish.
Yeah. Sounds like bullshit to me, too, but that's where my head is at right now.

But seriously. I could really use more of this in my life. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Unreasonable Fear of Fatness

I have a very real, but unreasonable fear of being overweight.  Not just overweight, but obese, swollen, like a giant marshmallow, looking like I'm suffering from a permanent bad reaction to a bee sting. 

Unreasonable, because I'm fortunate enough not to have any physical health issues or restrictions that would prevent me from exercising and maintaining a healthy weight and attractive figure.
Unreasonable, because I've been thin, svelte, athletic, or moderately curvy for most of my life.  Unreasonable, because I'm genetically blessed and predisposed to having a small-medium frame.

But very real because I'm very lazy.  Very real, because in the last two years, I've gone from a curvy size 12 to a voluptuous size 16, and no one seems to have noticed but me.  People tell me that I look good, and no one notices or knows that none of my old clothes fit, because I'm wearing all new ones.

I'm about to retire from the Army within the next few months, and I really don't like exercising.  Truth is, I never have, but soon, very soon, I won't have to.  That's the rub.

As much as I know and appreciate the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of exercise and endorphins, and a healthy diet, I am not ever excited about any of it.  I'm rarely ever motivated to move more than necessary.  I'm kind of ashamed of that.

And worst of all, I don't want to be living a swollen life.  God help me. I've got to find my motivation.  Vanity is not it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Kinda Hate Her, Whoever She Is

And so, the lust of my last several days seems to have a love-lust interest of his own.  Of this I'm not sure, of course; but I got a tiny clue yesterday when I overheard something that I was pretending not to be interested in hearing.
And so, I kinda hate her.  In a purely "I don't really care" sort of way.  None of that stops me from daydreaming (or trying to night dream) about him.   That beautifully toned, dark and muscular body.  Naked, of course; and with a bad-ass tattoo from his reckless youth, or possibly, a sexy-mysterious scar, somewhere prominent or barely visible, but begging to be kissed.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Men and Sex

Sometimes, I wonder just how much attention men actually pay to a woman's body during sex.  I know that men don't mind imperfection, any more than women do.  I mean, it's not like you're starring in love scene on the big screen, or making a home porno, but still. 
How much do men really mind a little back fat, or muffin top, or a little extra meat on the thighs?  Do they really notice when our legs aren't freshly shaved?  Eh.  Probably not.
The point is, we notice it on ourselves, and for me, well...I get a little embarrassed thinking about what he might be thinking.  Yeah.  Silly, I guess.  I just want to feel attractive.  I want to feel like I look like somebody whose bones he wants to jump all the time.  *Sigh*  I miss being in a relationship.
And for those women out there with steady beaus and husbands who have your periodic losses of interest in sex, if it's an appearance/"I need to tidy up" type of issue, I get it.  That whole self esteem thing is heavy, and probably drives down the sex drive.  But for all else, such as that, "I'm tired," "I got a headache," "the kids are in the next room," (y'all KNOW you can have quiet sex), or "I'm mad at you right now" type of stuff, all the damn bitches make me sick.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Few Bars of Thank You

There's this neighbor of mine who shall remain nameless, but the man gives me an itch I can't explain, and I want him to scratch it.  It's a like a tingling that sneaked up on me, and I suddenly understood why women become serial masturbators.  But that ain't enough for me.  It never has been, and it sure wouldn't be now. 
I never understood what women get out of masturbating, but the way I feel about him right now, I understand what they're trying to get.  He literally gives me the hots in a spot that I want him to fill.  Like right now. I. Want. Him.
It's the damnest thing, because I hardly noticed him the first time I saw him, but after I heard him speak, something sparked.  Or maybe I'm ovulating and just feeling frisky.  He's handsome and well-built, dark features, smooth skin, polite.  Somebody I certainly should have noticed before now, but whatever.  I notice him now.
Whatever it is, for the last several nights, I've found myself lying in bed, picturing him.  First, his smile, then his lips, then his completely naked body, intertwined with mine.   Or, at this moment, mine straddling his.
Sometimes, a man's accent is all it takes for me to pay attention.  Sometimes, a slow, southern drawl.  Other times, a thick and sharp northern turn of phrases.  Have mercy, this one is from somewhere in New York, and it's all over him, and just...doing something to me.
I close my eyes and see that smile, however casual it must have been when he first flashed it at me, and I think how he has to know that it's his money maker.  His words, whatever the hell he's saying (I'm not really paying attention), make me want to bite my lips.  I want to kiss him.   Deeply.  And then, Lord help me.  I want to do some really ungodly things with him.
Even now, I'm picturing him naked, lying on his back, smooth chest, neatly trimmed nether regions, waiting, expecting, welcoming.  If I could dictate my dreams, I'd go to bed right now, and just wait to fall asleep.
I feel the need for his hands, strong and firm on my hips, guiding them slowly, or fast, if that's what he likes, as I slide myself, wet and willing, down onto his waiting, expecting, welcoming, beautiful dick.  At this point, I don't care if it's lovemaking or fucking.  I'll take either one.
His grip on my hips instructs my rhythm, and I follow.  I'm aching to feel him throbbing, thrusting; to hear him moaning, to hear myself purring.  We match perfectly.  Perfectly.
He could talk dirty to me.  Or he doesn't have to say anything.  Just keep hurting me with that perfect stroke.  Nothing too rough.  Yet.  But definitely nothing gentle, either.  Just enough to make my back ache, and my body hum a few bars of thank you.
And that's just the beginning.

Somewhere in here is a story.  Maybe not a big story, but something.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Basic Business No-Brainer

Whatever you're selling, make it as easy as possible for someone to spend their money on you.

As if the buying public weren't already impulsive and impatient enough, the world of e-commerce has made it too easy for potential customers to quickly lose interest or become distracted with other options.

If you're inviting someone to buy your product or service, they shouldn't have to work to find it.  If you provide a link, make sure it works.  If I can't get to your stuff within one or two clicks after clicking that link, then you've probably lost a sale.  Do better. 

Either you're ready to sell, or you're not.  If you're ready, be ready.  If you're not, don't make excuses about it, and then expect people to wait until you've got your shit together.