Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Basic Business No-Brainer

Whatever you're selling, make it as easy as possible for someone to spend their money on you.

As if the buying public weren't already impulsive and impatient enough, the world of e-commerce has made it too easy for potential customers to quickly lose interest or become distracted with other options.

If you're inviting someone to buy your product or service, they shouldn't have to work to find it.  If you provide a link, make sure it works.  If I can't get to your stuff within one or two clicks after clicking that link, then you've probably lost a sale.  Do better. 

Either you're ready to sell, or you're not.  If you're ready, be ready.  If you're not, don't make excuses about it, and then expect people to wait until you've got your shit together.


  1. Sound a little peeved there. I hear you though. :-)

  2. Girl, peeved is an understatement. Not everybody is ready for the big time, and I get that. But I need people to not front. It's a bad look when they can't deliver. That's soooo frustrating. And the surest way to keep me from doing business with them.